Furious Bee Honey Co


Seasonal Honeycomb

220 g

Dark + Rich



Furious Bee Seasonal Honeycomb varies in colour tone from a light amber to a deep and dark amber colour. The bees forage for nectar in prisitne native forests which gives our honeycomb a fantastically rich taste. All these variations gives our honeycomb a mysterious persona just like a superhero. The health benefits of this beautiful honeycomb are off the charts!


We pull frames of golden honeycomb out of our hives that are located in Bindoon. We use cassettes whereby the bees work within the packaging to make the honeycomb. This is 100% natural, and this production method allows our honeycomb to be packaged completely untouched by us!


  • 100% Pure West Australian Honeycomb
  • Straight from the frame
  • Untouched
  • Retains natural antioxidants, antibacterial properties and phytonutrients